Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sydney Wayser

This weekend the big CMJ music marathon was on in NYC, so bands were playing pretty much all day, everyday the whole week at every possible venue.   I got to catch a few shows and SYDNEY WAYSER was my favorite!  I saw her and the band perform at the Living Room in the lower East side.   
They were awesome!  Sydney's voice was so AMAZING!!  I couldn't believe how perfect it sounded live.  She was at the piano most of the time, had a guy playing a cello, drums, guitar, and toys....
I talked to her for a bit and she was really nice too!  I can't wait to see them again!  
Here is a little taste for ya.   There is no band in this video but it lets you hear her fantastic voice.  Seriously gave me goosebumps.

Check more of her stuff out at


Julie said...

wow, i really really like her.
her voice is flawless!
thanks maya!

melange muse said...

Flawless, that is the exact word to describe it!
I'm glad you like her!

Nathan Williams said...

she is good, you saw her live? thats rad.
she's got a very raw, unique voice. Reminds me of someone, cant think of who though.