Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brooklyn Bridge

This is where the cool kids hang out, skatepark under the bridge....

View from the the bridge at sunset.  Check out the Statue of Liberty in the distance.


Nathan Williams said...

these are awesome.
I think they're my favorite pictures so far.
makes NY look insanely cool.

notebookdoodles said...

maya! these are really beautiful photographs.

you should definitely take more photos of new york! i didn't get the chance to see the brooklyn bridge while i was there last year, which is a pity.


Anonymous said...

Love your pictures!
Especially the one in black and white. And the photo's of the construction of the bridge! Gorgeous!

amysteed said...

love it. i want to come visit! NEED to come visit is more like it! p.s. I tagged you?

lauren said...

These photos are so rad, Maya!
I need moooore.

Dang. I want to come visit!

Wilson Smith said...

I wish I could just take a few months or a year off and take pictures around the world.