Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Iron and Wine

Last Monday I got to go see the AMAZING 
Iron and Wine at the venue Terminal 5 in NYC.   I have been a big fan for a few years now.   Sam Beams voice and style never get old.   To me he is classic!   
The show really was awesome!  Sam had GREAT interaction with the crowd and he was actually REALLY funny!  I'd say of all the shows I have ever been too, he had the best sense of humor and was the most responsive to the audience.  
Who would have guessed? 
He mostly played his new stuff but threw some older songs in there too, which I was happy about since that is really what I like the best.  

The tour was for the new album, The Shepherds Dog. This album is quite a bit different from the previous albums because there is a full band rather than basically just Sam and his Guitar. Even though I am more fond of Sam's older stuff, it was still a pleasure to see him live.
Well that is my little Iron and Wine review.  If for some strange reason you haven't heard of his music yet I suggest you check it out ASAP (like I said before older stuff is my favorite) and if you have, then listen to him again and remind yourself how good it is!  

For some reason I couldn't get the video I took to upload but this one is from the exact same show I was at.  I was closer than this person though!

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