Thursday, October 2, 2008

Passion for Fashion

Besides trying to use my own creativity, checking out people on the streets, and sometimes reading magazines, these are the sites I check out on a regular basis for my FASHION inspiration!

- It is in french but I love it!  The pictures are GREAT, I just wish I could read it...

- One of my goals this year is to score a post on this website.  Watch out Scott Schuman, I may be stalking you.

- As the address suggests, it is street style from people all around the world, in major cities.  Pretty cool!

-The girl that does this blog is like 12!  I dunno how she has so much style at that age, I sure didn't.

- This has got it all;  Designer and model profiles, fashion show coverage, news and trends.

- Also has everything!

I will probably be using stuff from these sites often!

I feel like I just gave away a big secret...oh dear, I hope I don't always feel like this when I blog.

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