Friday, October 3, 2008

SnAiL mAiL

Splendid, is a perfectly 
Nice way to describe how
Amazing it feels to get 
Interesting packages and
Letters in the mail!

Magnificently better than email and
Appreciated always.
I want more
Love through the post!

I wish people would send more postal mail! I need to get better at doing it myself.  It is so exciting to get and always makes me so happy! It's much more personable and thoughtful and has way more meaning behind it because it actually took a little effort to send it.

Make someone's day (it can be mine if you want), SEND some SnAiL mAiL! 


Anonymous said...

Mail...It's a dying (almost dead) art. What if someone started breathing new life into it, started a Snail Mail Movement - it could become the next retro trend!

Nathan Williams said...

I'm in.

lauren said...

Done & done.

ME said...

Well, I need your address if I am going to send you any mail.

notebookdoodles said...

this is such a sweet post!
i LOVE snail mails.
but sadly, i don't get very many.
i would love to send something for you during the holiday season.
could i get your address?

and i was wondering, would you mind if i use that snail mail poem slash abbreviation for my next doodle?