Thursday, November 12, 2009

Want some style inspiration?

I found this website today,,
and I have been watching the videos on it all day!
Ok maybe not all day but I have watched a lot of them already.
It is kind of like the Sartorialist except instead of just pictures of people with amazing style,
it is videos of them in their home/closet, showing off not just one outfit, but a few of their favorites.
An extra, extra bonus is their personal commentary about their style and how they feel about fashion etc.
Very inspiring.


Hermione said...

That's so great! So inspiring! Unfortunately my connection is so slow the sound turns into some kind of avant garde electronica:(

girluntitled said...

hey i found this vid the other day too! i still have been uber handicapped lately in the outfit department though...wanna come live in my spare bed maya? i'll pay you with mandarin oranges since someone thought it was a brilliant idea to buy a cart of about 600 of them! *smiles*

Manda said...

i recognize that closet. hmmm.

angie" said...

how was the weekend visit to your hometown-?!
I miss you!