Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Musical Treat

I would more than love to see Fleet Foxes live!
Since I haven't had the opportunity yet this video will have to tide me over until I do!

Their voices and harmonizing really are quite sensational don't you think?


Hermione said...

Oh, they've been in my I-tunes for the longest time, and I never seem to really get into them. I should though! I agree, their harmonies are great, I've always really liked bands like that. Glad to see you're posting!!

zachary ian said...

i saw them
at sasquatch.
they were really really remarkable. them and the dodo's. so so soooo good.

Unknown said...

My new favourite band is fanfarlo. Seeing that i found them on MOKB i assume you have heard of them. if not, then DO! Finish line is my favourite song of theirs. p.s. i am back in to the blogging bisnatch.