Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Friday i'm in love

Together with his friend Zac Shields, he started a band called Dead Man's Bones.
So far I am loving everything about this project!
As you will hear and see it is very raw and super creative.
Their whole outlook on music and the industry is really interesting.
I think it's great.
(apparently the whole video was shot in 1 take on 2 rolls of super 8mm film. Cool stuff.)
Don't you love his voice and his style? I sure do!

You can check out a really fantastic article about this collaboration on Pitchfork.
Here is one interesting little paragraph from the article...

"Integral to the creation of Dead Man's Bones was the pair's motivation to keep things as raw and real as possible, stripped down to reveal even the limitations of their musicianship. When it came time to record the album, Gosling and Shields created a set of White Stripes-esque rules to follow so as to not taint the purity of the process. Rules like no click tracks or electric guitars, no more than three takes, and playing all of the instruments themselves (along with producer Tim Anderson of (Ima Robot). Gosling played cello and piano for the first time, while Shields took up the drums."

Really you should read the whole thing!

Also check out Dead Man's Bones other video here and download the song that I first heard that instantly sold me here.

Who knew Ryan was so multi-talented? A true artist. He is one cool canadian cat. Yup I have a crush.

Let me know what you think about the article and the music!


zachary ian said...

haven't read the pitchfork article yet. the song itself was pretty sweet, and definitely not quite what i was expecting. though with zoey and scarlett pumping out the indie hits, it's only a matter of time until some other actor does. mr gosling will do just fine.

ryan gosling and ryan reynolds should put out an album. just saying.
also. ryan gosling is a sweet dude. hung out with him once, post breaker high.

girluntitled said...

i'm totally into it too! i tried to find some of their songs on itunes the other day but no dice! ur my soul sister maya!

Haley said...

I do read your blog, thanks for the comment!

I would love to be blog friends!! I am liking the re-vamp that is happening, loving it actually!
also...loving ryan gosling! he is so fantastically good looking...
and in a band...who knew?

Julie said...

I love the new look-nice work!

Glowing Doll said...

I still remember Ryan from Breaker High. Just can't shake that image of him on the teen love-boat.

Does anyone else remember that show?

the notebook doodles said...

i never knew he sings!!

LJ said...

gosling yummmmmm
xx-LJ from SOS!

the notebook doodles said...

hii again :)

can i please have your email? you can email it to me at

thanks in advance!

stilljoie said...

neat band maya. did you know that ryan was lds ontario? he is/was friends with my friends but i only met him once. my guess is he left the church? his sister mandy is really cool.