Sunday, August 30, 2009

Couture for Cambodia

This weekend I helped out at a fashion show fundraiser for the awesome organization same same but different.
All the proceeds went to help Cambodian children's building project.
backstage prepping

It showcased 4 fashion designers
Evan Biddell (Canada's Project Runway Winner)

Evan Biddell
Shelly Court

and had a couple big name models too
Linsay Willier (Canada's Next top model runner up)

some models
It was a splendid night full of fashion and fun and it was for an excellent cause too!


kezam said...

Thanks for the write up. Was nice meeting you too. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, but I hardly ever check my blog... I really need to start taking it more seriously...

bella utahan said...

Are you doing stuff like this often now?? I would love to talk with you!

Manda said...

Ooohh! it looks cool! i'm super excited for you. wish you were here girl...or i was there either way. i wish. Blahhh call me tomorrow. love.

TMFA said...

Such a nice campaign. :)