Saturday, March 7, 2009

Did I mention...

how obsessed I have been with Beirut lately?  Well I have been.

This was the first Beirut song I heard and the video is magnificent!

Also did I mention how obsessed I am with old film lately?  Lovin' the Lo fi!

click here to download A Sunday Smile (one of my favorites)
Other Beirut songs on serious repeat:
Gulag Orkestar
Scenic World
After the Curtain

I know that's a lot but seriously all Beirut songs are excellent!  Such an awesome unique sound!  So you should probably just do yourself a favor and download them all...


girluntitled said...

funny you should mention old film strips...i've been living in the basement of a very very very retro home and the other day i was rummaging through an old trunk and found a film projector with old family home videos! i pinned a white sheet on my wall and let the good times roll...literally.

...and no i don't find it weird that i'm sharing memories with people i don't even know.

loveology said...

LOVE it...


E.K. said...

This is great. I can't believe I haven't heard it before.

bella utahan said...

I enjoyed this too!!! ps there is a chance we might be in NYc in a few weeks- if so- we HAVE to get together!!! Miss you!!!

lauren said...

Oh, Beirut.
So lovely.

Thanks for sharing, love.