Monday, March 2, 2009

Cute + Blonde + Stylish = Swedish girls

This weekend I got to meet and hang out with 2 Swedish girls!  I had so much fun!

Night one:  
took them to the The Spotted Pig, apparently we don't have celebrity status and were told it would be a 3 hour wait!!!  So we walked to the classy Meatpacking District to try and get into a good place there, but most of the waits were at least an hour and our cold legs and empty stomachs couldn't wait.    FINALLY  we got into a place called One (I do not recommend it) 

Then we went over to Times Square
more walking....
Then more eating of course!  We went to Juniors for my favorite cheesecake. 
These are our full faces...
Cab rides!

Red tights!
I will do more posts about the rest of the weekend and about the coming week throughout the week...


girluntitled said...

i am inlove with ur headband-thingy! and ur black shiny pants! basically what i'm trynna say here m'dear is that...well...i am infact in love with you. marry me?

Clark said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there with you all. I love how my canadian friends are friends with my swedish friends. The uniting of nations and kindred spirits is a beautiful thing. I am seriously planning a Summer 2010 trip out to Swedenland. I love Hawaii but right this moment I wish I was in New York. Crap.

melange muse said...

Thanks Sara! I made it actually. Maybe if you are lucky I will make you one!

p.s. yes i will marry you

Oh and Clark I wish you were in New York right now too!

LJ said...

oh fun...... :)
love le headbands..
xx-LJ from SOS!