Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beginner Brushstrokes

Today I bought new watercolor paints and some new brushes.  I haven't really painted much since I was a kid.  I have had lots of fun today just trying out the brushes and stuff.   I can't wait to get more into it.

I turned on some music and this is what came out...remember I am a beginner : )
stepping on the sun
black and white
X marks the spot
I gradually got better...I think.  I started with the bottom picture and ended with the top one
Crayola watercolor paint set - $ 1.97 
10 piece brush set - $5.72

Pure enjoyment for less than $8, love it!


Julie said...

i loooove watercolors!
this inspires me to paint more. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I actually like the bottom one. Keep painting. its good for our brain:)

Anonymous said...

Stepping on the sun? Hmmm...

notebookdoodles said...

hi there =)

just a suggestion, i think you'll get much more experience and enjoyment if you bought a real watercolor set. i used to buy crayola watercolor set and other brands because i was too scared to spend too much money on something that i thought, i wouldn't really use. but trust me, it makes such a huge difference!

when i used the not-so-serious watercolor brands, i got so upset with myself because the paintings didn't turn out how i wanted it to be.. and i pretty much gave up on watercolors for awhile because i thought that i really sucked at it. then one day, i decided to buy a real brand watercolor.. and iyeas, it made a huge hole in my pocket but it is so worth it!! and getting the right watercolor papers makes a difference too.

just thought i'd share my watercolor experience with you =) cause from what i am seeing in this post, you're already so good but would be even better with a real watercolor set.

ps. i am not an advertisement haha =)


melange muse said...

julie: I now expect to see some painting posts on your blog! haha

Mai: thanks, I should have you give me some tips from a pro!

joiedevivre: yes stepping on the sun...I have had some sad rainy days here lately!

notebookdoodles: Thanks so much for the tips sb!!!

I definitely think I want to invest in some good watercolor paints and paper because I already feel like my options are limited with just the cheap crayola set. haha

I know you are not an advertisement but is there any good brands you recommend?

notebookdoodles said...

well, the one that i am currently using is windsor&newton and it's really working for me =) i would also suggest getting good brushes when you get your paint cause it makes a huge difference what type of brush you get.

i am using a set of 24 colors, i think.. and it's in a pan which also comes with a brush! a really good buy =) and here's a link of what mine looks like... except with more colors.

i am so excited for you!! you wouldn't regret it, i promise.


Leah Pearl said...

I love the stepping on the sun. Finding light on a grey day, thats what it reminds me of. I like how you can tell that its beginner brush strokes, it makes it seem more real to me. Raw emotions sort of i guess. Keep it up Maya.

L. said...

very cool:) watercolors are always super hard for me 'cause you never really know exactly how something's gonna come out. oil paint gives you more control.