Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Leather is better

How would you like to have a RECYCLED LEATHER TILED floor or wall?  Sounds pretty appealing if you ask me!  They are eco friendly, made of recycled leather and renewable!

Ecodomo is a company that makes these leather tiles.   The Company collects scraps from things like upholstery from leather seats in a  BMW  to old luxury leather handbags.  The scraps are then ground into shreds and mixed with water, natural rubber, and acacia bark.  Then using minimum amounts of energy they are manufactured into tiles.

Apparently these tiles have exceptional wear and humidity resistance, look great and are great for the environment.  

I’m sold!  Someday when I have a house I definitely want to put some of this in it!

To look at more pictures of this leather tile stuff or to learn more, go to www.ecodomo.com


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ahh wife was the only good rhyming word... anyhoo, keep up the good blogging molly.