Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Nintendo Day!

Today it is Nintendo's 25th Birthday!
I'm not really a big fan of video games but the original Super Mario is one of the only video games I actually like to play.  
On this Nintendo Birthday, I happened to find a website that has all the greatest Nintendo games online for free!
Probably not the best thing to come across when I have 3 exams tomorrow....

Anyway if you want to have some old school fun, click the link!

p.s. I know this was a random thing to blog after not blogging for so long but it was quick and easy and a good little study break.  I will try to do some more blog catching up sometime soon... I hope. ha


Manda said...

OH MY GOSH. My job is now in jeopardy. Freaking Mario.

Unknown said...

probably not the best thing to be looking for when you have three exams tomorrow unless one of them is on the Business launch and stretegy of nintendo america - which is quite fascinating. Did you know NES bombed at first?

girluntitled said...

HAHA! this is great. ima play super mario bros. in it's honor tonight!

ps: yes blog more!

Diana said...

Oh snap! Another way to procrastinate...don't tell my hubby!