Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my favorite

Usually I have trouble picking favorite things, but when it comes to my favorite movie, well thats easy, it's
This is why:
Everything about this movie is beautiful.
the story the filming the music the colors the french the location the actress Audrey Tautou

I may or may not have watched it 3 times last week...


the notebook doodles said...

i've never seen this trailer before. but i have seen the actual movie and all i can say about it is.. that it's beautiful!

lauren said...

Oh, I love you!
I'm so glad I watched it with YOU!

...maybe three times.
Ha. Oh, falling asleep to Amelie.

E.K. said...

Jeunet is one of my idols. On a side note, Audrey Tautou once told me she liked my music, true story!